What is Pleasure To Meet You?
Pleasure To Meet You is a social pleasure network, a community for like minded people to come to together and engage in the pursuit of pleasure.

How is it different from any other escort/adult site?
Pleasure To Meet You is not a common escorts or adult services website. We let our users express themselves and share what they are up to with the rest of the community, by participating in regular status updates that are immediately displayed on their profiles and on the list of ads on the site.

Is it free to use / post on Pleasure To Meet You?
Yes, every feature of Pleasure To Meet You is completely FREE!

I provide an adult service, how can I post my advert?
Click on the "Post an ad" button, select your category and just fill out all the info about your ad in the posting form. It's all very simple and straight forward.
After this step is complete, you will be asked to verify your email address by clicking on a link we will send you to your email address, and to upload your pictures.

What kind of pictures am I allowed to post in my public gallery?
Please only upload clean, discreet and tasteful pictures. No topless shots, no nudity, no suggestive or sexual are allowed. These pictures will be visible by anyone visiting the site and we require them not to be too explicit. If we think they are, we will move them to your private gallery.
In order to have your ad published on the site, we require you to upload at least 3 pictures to your public gallery.

What kind of pictures am I allowed to post in my private gallery?
You may post any pictures that you like in your private gallery provided they are not offensive or illegal. These pictures will be visible to Pleasure To Meet You members only.

My ad is now pending approval, why? How long will it take?
The quality of our ads is one of our main priority and we manually screen and monitor every single ad posted on the site before making it visible online.
The approval process might take up to 2-3 hours.
We will send you a confirmation email when your ad will be approved.

Am I allowed to advertise the services I provide in detail?
You are able to list services in your ad description provided they are abbreviated and not too explicit. Example: OWO, A-Level, BJ, CIM ..

How many adverts can I post?
Independents are allowed to post a maximum of two adverts, one in the escort section and one in the massage section. Escort agencies can post an advert for each escort they manage.

How can I manage or edit my adverts?
After logging into the site, you will be redirected to your Dashboard page, where we display your ad and let you edit all its info. Just click on the "Edit" links next to each section you would like to change, you will be redirected to the "Edit my ad" page where you will be able to make any change you want.
If you have more than one ad, you can easily manage the ad you want by selecting it from the dropdown panel on the top right side of the page, you only need to hover with the mouse on your name and thumbnail. Once you click on one ad, you will be sent to the Dashboard page of that ad.
You can also see the list of all your ads by clicking on the link "My Ads".

Are my changes immediate or do they need approval?
Changes to your ad title/descriptions or to your pictures always need an approval from our Moderation Team. You ad will remain visible online while it is pending approval.

What is a status update and how can I post one?
A status update is a simple way to share what you are up to with the Pleasure To Meet You community, just like you would do on Facebook ot Twitter.
When you are logged into the site, you can easily post a status update from your dashboard or clicking on the "Post Update" button at the top right of the page.
You can write your update and share one or more pictures.

What's the advantage of posting a status update?
Every time you post a status update, your ad will be bumped up to the top of the ads list showing what you just posted, and will give you instant extra visibility.
You can post status updates any time you want, but your ad will be bumped up to the top only once every hour.

What kind of status updates can I posted?
Anything that you would like to share… Provided it’s not too explicit or vulgar. A few examples:
"I’m horny and waiting for your call".
"Check out my new sexy lingerie.. Who wants to come and play?"
"I just posted some new pics in my private gallery.. Check them out!"

How can I manage my account?
Just click on the link "Account". On this page you will be able to change your email address, change your password, or delete your account.